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To whom it may concern,
My name is Noramil, and this is going to be where I store my thoughts. What those thoughts may be, well I guess the future will decide that for me. Today's date is August 9, 2012. Understand that this will not be daily, weekly, or any of that. I will write when I feel the need. Today, my mind wandered to the edge of curiosity and came back with a strange question, "Why do I feel?" A strange thing to ask, I know, but all the same, I desire an answer. I want to know why I feel the things I do. Why am I sad? Why am I happy? Why am I depressed? I want to know, but the answer will elude me for eternity. Until next time then.
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Chimeras Life
Chapter Two
The school isn't too far from home so I decided to walk, not to look like some loner badass, just so I could gather my thought and prepare myself. As far as I know, I've only had to deal with humans when I go grocery shopping or rent movies.
     "This is going to be a long day," I say to myself. I try to calm myself down by whistling, tapping my fingers, I even try praying. Even though I shouldn't be nervous, I can't stop my heart from beating at about a hundred miles per hour. I decide to run the rest of the way, so I can burn some of this pent up energy. After a few minutes I see the school, my new prison away from home. Well, here we go.
     I walk up to the front gate, trying not to be noticed by anyone. I feel like a lamb in the middle of a pack of wolves, a very hungry, rabid pack of wolves. I notice that the student body has broken into groups just like on television: Standing over by the front door are the jocks, s
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Chimeras Life
Chapter 1
I'm still dreaming. Looking around I see smoke, blood, and creatures fighting. It is hard to move, and then I realize that I am now holding the dead women. I feel an overwhelming sadness in my heart. I wonder why? I remember things now that I know I shouldn't. Myself and the women walking on a star-lit beach, holding her close as we waltz across an enormous ballroom, and most of all, her smiling face. Why? Why do I know her?
I open my eyes suddenly, which apparently is a bad idea when your bed is right next to a window. I quickly shield my already tearing eyes from the bright morning sun with the back of my hand. With the other I fumble around on my night stand until my hand feels the cool metal of my flask.
Once my eyes have adjusted I turn the cap off, and instead of drinking from it I let my tears drip into it. Ok before we go any further you should know that this is considered normal for me. My tears can be used for a variety o
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Hunters Life
A rusty blade,
A blood stained shield,
With my Honor I will gladly wield,
In Sun bright day or Moon lit night,
All shall fear my Might,
A Cloak and Dagger are my tools,
Used to bring down those Royal fools,
I hold you close my infant child,
We wil be both Great and Wild,
Traveling down this blood stained path,
Only enemies shall feel my wrath,
Now as I lay my head to sleep,
I give my blade for you to keep,
I hold you close,
I feel your Heart,
I fear the day when we will part,
Now I stand before the Beast,
Of which I fear the most and least,
I draw my Sword,
I hold my shield,
I stand here now and watch you wield,
A Cloak of Stars and Staff of Fire,
With which we will light the pyre,
We stand here now Brave and Tall,
Before us is the Iron Wall,
I step forward,
Then step back,
Should I continue,
Or maybe retreat,
I must rest my weary feet,
While you charge forward,
I stay behind,
It's sad to say,
You lost your mind,
I won the fight,
He won the war,
"Try again," he says
To which I say, "Ne
:iconnoramil:Noramil 1 1
Chimeras Life
      I'm dreaming again. I know I'm dreaming because it's always the same, I stand over a bloody corpse, the only signs of a struggle are a few marks in the dirt. I look down at at the person, and I know instantly that I am responsible for her death. Death. He always follows me, no matter where I hide. My body keeps changing. Sometimes a wolf, others a vampire, and sometimes I change into things I can't even name. I know what I am. I can never change that.
I am a Vampire.
I am a Lycanthrope.
I am the Loch Ness Monster.
I am a Dragon.
I am Human.
      I am almost every type of monster known in the world. I am the fisrt of my kind, yet there are many of what I am. I can swim, fly, and run faster than almost anything. I have the stength to lift a fully grown elephant, and throw it a couple hundred yards.I can control fire, summon lightning, and cause earthquakes with a flick of my wris
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Hi, my name is John. I'm a would be fiction writer. I want to try fan fiction as well, but I can never find any motivation to actually do them. Oh well, life goes on. Anyways, comment on my work, and feel free to help out with advice. I'd appreciate it.
Current Residence: Texas
Favourite genre of music: Metal
Favourite style of art: Anything involving anime
MP3 player of choice: Sandisck
Favourite cartoon character: Hellsings Alucard
Personal Quote: "Don't worry if you enemies laugh at you. They won't be able to once you lop off thier heads." -Eragon.
I have not been on this in awhile. On the bright side, I have been working on my writing a lot more. I'll be sure to upload the first chapter of my other story soon, and I'll be back to working on Chimera's Life soon.
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